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Chris Apple

Chris lives with his wife Wendy and our current head of Quality Control, Elliott the cat.  By day he works as a product owner for a software company and spends his nights working on our game designs and layouts.

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Creative Director

If a game isn't comfortable to sit on, it won't get past me.

Head of Communications and Quality Control

Dastardly Designs Co. was created by two friends who have spent years in the gamification field, playtesting and reviewing games. We decided that the time was right to bring some of our own ideas to the marketplace, and started building our team.


Our diverse backgrounds lead to a unique team approach to design. We have proven experience in gamification as well as test-driven, agile development techniques and a strong commitment to doing things the right way. Our team members all share a love of gaming, board games and spending time with friends and family.  

Mike Kerrey

A retired IT professional, Mike is a loving supervisor to one of our favorite playtesting groups, his grand-kids. Ever honest and always willing, he relishes his time playtesting both our games and others with them.

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Business Development
The Grandkids

Always brutally honest, but one of our best tests that a game is good enough!

Our crack playtesting group

Steve Wells

Designer/App Development

We’ve always had a deep-seated love of gaming. Our team members grew up playing the “classics” and enjoying games of all kinds.


Professionally, we started in the gamification world by doing some consulting, helping local companies build fun, interactive games for conventions and other events. It wasn’t long before we were doing reviews and talking about things we did and didn’t like about games. Through those reviews, we developed our own game ideas but never saw them through to the end ... until now!


We continue to remain active in the gaming community and help other designers and companies by testing and promoting games.

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