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Our Plans for Gen Con

We love Gen Con!

We first started going to Gen Con as fans of all things boardgaming. This year we're taking it up a notch and coming with some games of our own.  We look forward to starting this new chapter with all our friends, old and new, at Gen Con!

Our Schedule
First Exposure Playtest Hall

We're excited to participate in our first FEPH.  After years of doing gamification consulting and playtesting other people's games, we finally branched into bringing our own ideas to life.  We'll be playtesting Out Of Line: Nature Calls, Out of Line: Mates and Menus expansion, and Indictment.  In addition we're going to hold some advanced playtests on combining our Out of Line games.

First Encounter Designer Showcase

We couldn't just take it easy this Gen Con.  We're also participating in the inaugural Designer Showcase where we'll demo our first game: Out of Line: Food Trucks, that grew from an idea during Gen Con 2016.

Demo & Playtest

We're bringing giant-sized editions of our Out of Line: Food Trucks and Out of Line: Nature Calls games to Gen Con to demo.  This edition features 3D printed 3.5 inch Dastardly Meeples as well as custom 5"x7" playing cards.  We hope people enjoy playing an oversized version of our games!

Out of Line: Giant-sized Edition
Out of Line: Food Trucks - Demo

We'll be demo'ing our first game at the First Encounter Designer Showcase as well as other private demos.  If you're interested in seeing our game, let us know and we'll make time to show anyone that's interested.

Out of Line: Nature Calls - Adv. Playtest

We've completed preliminary playtesting on this game and starting the process of advanced playtesting.  We'll be testing with various groups as well as combining it with our own games in the series during our First Exposure Playtest Hall hours.

Out of Line: Mates and Menus - Playtest

Our latest endevour, we brought several of the ideas we had from our playtesting of Out Of Line: Food Trucks to an expansion of the game.  This expansion adds in several enhancements to add even more strategy to the game.  We'll be conducting early playtests of this expansion during our First Exposure Playtest Hall hours.


Our first game outside of our Out of Line series.  Indictment is a strategic hand management and set-collection card game, where politicians vie to not be the last one left holding scandals.

Indictment - Playtest
Gen Con
Giant-sized Edition

Out of Line: Food Trucks was chosen for a Publisher Speed Dating session and we couldn't be happier to show off our game!

Publisher Speed Dating
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