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A year ago we only had a handful of friends who followed us. Now today we have over 1,500 friends who follow and talk with us over Twitter.

It has been an amazing experience and one that is part of our daily lives.

We have written over 120 reviews of games that we mostly loved. The reviews are written as we play them with our families and friends. Games to us are seldom a solo effort but instead part of how we spend time with people.

We presented games for the first time at GenCon in 2018 and this year we will have four or five games there to playtest, demo and show to publishers. Exciting and fun times!

We also demo'd our games at Great Plains Games Fest and enjoyed participating in that Con.

We entered several contests in 2019. Mother Lode took second place in the 2019 Board Game Geek Tin Contest. This is the Gen2 version of our game Orthogonal. The Tin Contest generated excitement and visibility about Mother was nice to receive a call from a publisher! We have an appointment to demo Mother Lode at Gen Con 2019.

In 2019 we have also been judges in contests and helped review and rank over a 100 games. This has been a great learning experience and we met a lot of great people.

Tomorrow we mail our 2019 entry into the HABA Game Design contest. Fingers crossed for Ribbit! We love the HABA process. We develop these games with our granddaughter taking a lead role. A true family and friend effort!

And the last year has brought us many new online friends! We cherish the daily discussions with you. We value your input into our games. We even enjoy it when we don't always agree about a game - different perspectives on games is awesome.

Thanks to making the last year so fun and enriching!


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