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10 Minute Heist The Wizard's Tower - Dastardly Review #082

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

10 Minute Heist The Wizard’s Tower was a 2016 successful Kickstarter campaign by Daily Magic Games.

Whether creating a program or a is always easier to create something that is bloated. But to create a fun, challenging strategy game that plays in 10 minutes? That is a challenge. 10 Minute Heist delivers on their promise.

10 Minute Heist has beautiful art. All of the magical artifacts look tantalizing that they really belong in your loot bag and not stored in some dusty Wizard’s Tower. And stealing those treasures is the goal of the game. But it really isn’t that easy. A couple powerful and balanced mechanics come into play to make every turn a series of key decisions.

You make the Wizard’s Tower by creating a grid of treasures 8 floors high and 5 treasures per floor. The thieves enter the tower on the top left room and exit in the bottom right. They can take their time and steal as many of the treasures as they want.

The first mechanic that creates heartburn is that you can only move down through the tower and can never go back up. So you might want to get to a special treasure to complete more points before anyone else can steal it. But you don’t want to move too fast and pass by too many treasures. Constant decision making, tradeoffs and bluffing.

The second mechanic is that certain combinations of treasures generate bonus points. Several treasures that have low value by themselves might generate significant points when combined. And your competitors also know this. Constant making plans and changing plans.

And treasures tend to get better the farther down the tower they do you hurry to get to them?

And finally there are bonus points for exiting the tower first. So speed vs getting one more pretty treasure.

Oh...and some of the treasures are cursed.

Lots of decisions. No dice. No bad luck. Just your decisions.

The winner is the thief who has the most points.

The Good: A terrific game to start off game night or to play with youngsters.

The Bad: No sign yet of an expansion. My fingers are crossed.

The Dastardly: A pure strategy game in 10 minutes...yep...they did it and did it well.


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