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Apples to Apples - Dastardly Review #034

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Apples to Apples is one of the games that the grandkids ask and ask to play. Which is great as this is a fun game that also gets kids to think and interact with adults!

Apples to Apples has won a few awards:

1999 Mensa Select

1999 Games Magazine Party Game of the Year

1999 National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

There are two types of cards: Green Cards that contain a picture or adjective and Red Cards that contain a picture or a noun. The actual card content varies somewhat by version of Apples to Apples but the play remains consistent.

Players take turns being the Judge. The Judge turns over a Green Card. The other players toss in a Red card from their hand that they feel best matches the Green Card. The Red cards are mixed up so the Judge can’t tell who contributed which Red card. The Red cards are then turned face up and the Judge picks the Red card that best fits with the Green card. The role of Judge moves to the next player and the round starts over.

The first player to have had their Red cards picked 5 or 10 times wins.

The Good: Gets everyone involved and talking and laughing!

The Bad: Can’t really think of anything!

The Dastardly: They need a NSFW version of this game...


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