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Cardline Marvel - Dastardly Review #102

Cardline Marvel is a sequencing game released in 2015. The are about 100 cards each with a Marvel hero or villain. On the front is a picture of the character and its name. On the back is the picture and three statistics: Strength, Smarts and Fighting ability.

Game play is super simple…

Deal each player four cards to start the game.

Start the sequence line with a face up card with the statistics showing.

Pick a statistic to use for the game such as Strength.

The each player has to insert a card into the sequence line where they think the card character’s Strength statistic fits.

The card is turned over so the statistics are visible. If the new card is in the correct position (higher or equal to the card on its left and lower or equal to the card on its right) then insert the card in the timeline with the statistics face up. If the card is not in the right spot then discard it and draw a new card.

The game gets progressively harder as the gaps in the sequence line get filled in so the gaps available to insert new cards are smaller and smaller.

Cardline Marvel played in about 10 minutes or less.

It comes in a very nice metal box.

Part of the fun of the game is talking about the Marvel characters and then arguing if the statistics are really correct based upon the comics and movies.

We played it in a local board game bar and I went home to find a place to buy it. It doesn’t appear to be available in the United States. We had also noticed that the Xmen weren’t included in the deck of Marvel characters. This suggests there are some ongoing license issues. I am still going to try to pick up a game from somewhere because our grandkids or any Marvel fan will like the game.

The Good: Generated a lot of fun discussion.

The Bad: The fighting statistic didn’t seem to make sense. The Dastardly: I thought some of the characters based on the comics and movies to be a lot dumber than their statistics showed.


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