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Cash Cab - Dastardly Review #042

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Cash Cab is one of the world’s best game shows...and it takes place entirely in a cab driving through Manhattan. Ben Bailey is the award winning cab driver. The board game does it’s best to capture all of the elements of the TV show but it falls short. It is tough to live up to the show without

Ben Bailey’s humor.

Cash Cab is played on a map of Manhattan...which is cool all by itself. While on a cab ride a player answers trivia and general knowledge questions. Three wrong answers and the player is kicked out of the cab.

The “Red Light Challenges” are fun challenges where a player has to name items that fit a category.

The first player to “pocket” $1,000 wins.

The Good: Good trivia game.

The Bad: We miss Ben!

The Dastardly: Can’t stop and get any great pizza.


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