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Catch Phrase - Dastardly Review #040

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Players divide into two teams.

A really annoying timer is started.

A magic disk shows a word from a paper wheel.

The clue giver on a team can do just about anything except say the word to get his team to shout out the word. Once the word is said the magic disk is passed to the clue giver on the other team. This continues until the annoying timer finally goes off.

The team that did not have the magic disk scores a point.

First team to 10 points wins!

Many version of this game have been released. The newest is all electronic and stores 1,000s of words or phrases instead of using paper disks. A fun game no matter what medium the clues come from.

The Good: A fast paced mix of Password and Hot Potato.

The Bad: The timer is REALLY annoying.

The Dastardly: The timer starts counting down everytime the box is bumped!

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