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Colt Express - Dastardly Review #098

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Colt Express came out in 2014 and won some immediate attention:

Not too bad! It also won our interest and a primo spot on our game shelves.

It was the first board game that we played that didn’t have a traditional board. In Colt Express the board is a 3d cardboard train with about 5 rail cars. Players’ outlaws start at the back of the train and move forward gathering loot, punching out other outlaws, dodging the law and climbing up to the roof of the train. Just a lot of different fun actions.

Each player’s outlaw has a unique ability to help loot the train.

Play turns are split into two phases: Scheming and Stealing.

During the scheming phase all players take turns putting action cards for their outlaw into a common action pile.

Then during the stealing phase the cards are played from the action pile and the player moves his outlaw based upon the pre-programmed actions. Maybe the suitcase of money you were hoping to steal has already been stolen. Or a fellow outlaw has punched you back a car so your plans quickly fall apart. A truly fun way to handle actions.

The winner is the outlaw with the most money at the end of the game.

The Good: The game immediately gets players interested because of the unique ‘board’. Great balance. Lots of sabotaging friends. The Bad: Sometimes the inside of the train cards gets crowded and people with fat fingers have trouble moving their outlaw.

The Dastardly: Players quickly become immersed in start feeling like you are really in the old west robbing a train and hopping from car to car.


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