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Cool Moves - Dastardly Review #033

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Remember going to the old diners or Cracker Barrel and playing the golf tee games where you jump tees until there is only one left standing? Well, that is Cool Moves. But with cute penguins instead of golf tees.

Puzzles that teach kids are great and that is what Cool Moves does. It has a well designed plastic case that holds 40 mini-cards that show how to setup each puzzle and the solution is on the back of the card. The top of the case is the icy area with pegs to hold the penguins. The case also holds a flock? Covey? School? A raft of penguins.

Game play starts with picking a card and arranging the penguins on the ice field to match the card layout. Then the penguins start jumping until there is only one left or you give up and start over or you sneak a peek at the solution.

The Good: Great game for travel and play on airplanes or in cards.

The Bad: How can anything with penguins be bad?

The Dastardly: How can anything with penguins be dastardly? Unless there is an orca...


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