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Days of Steam - Dastardly Review #109

Days of Steam was created by Aaron Lauster and published by Valley Games in 2009.

It is a fast playing railroad themed game. We love train games: Rail Baron and Ticket to Ride. We also really liked Days of Steam.

The game is a light weight tile placement game where you place railroad tracks and towns. The goal of the game is to be the first person to collect 13 points or have the most points when all the tracks have been placed. You move your locomotive around the tracks to pickup and deliver goods.

Points are scored three ways: picking up and delivering goods is 2 points, completing a circuit (loop) of track between two towns is 1 point and delivering a variety of good is worth 1, 3 or 5 points.

This is more a strategy game than a luck game. There is a die included to see if your train derails but that risk can be minimized by strategic playing.

Days of Steam is for 2 to 4 players. It normally takes us about 30 minutes to play. It take about 10 minutes to learn the game.

Days of Steam is a good addition to a game collection. It plays faster and is lighter than most train games. And play turns are very quick. You can sabotage other players by stealing their cargo if they are in a town or laying track that ruins their plans or completing a circuit that they had been building.

Good light fun!

The Good: It is a blast to build the map of tracks and towns.

The Bad: No fun getting derailed!

The Dastardly: Stealing goods and sabotaging track layouts!


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