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Don't Scramble the Egg Game - Dastardly Review #068

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Don’t Scramble the Egg came out in 2012 and was an instant favorite in our house.

The game is absurdly simple: a stack of cards each with one topic and a timer shaped like an egg with a goofy face.

A topic card is turned over so everyone can read it. The timer is started. The first player says a word or phrase that matches the topic and tosses the ‘egg’ to another player. That player has to say a word or phrase then tosses the ‘egg’ to someone else. And so on until the timer goes off!

You are out of the game the third time the timer goes off while you are holding it.

Last player standing wins.

The Good: Good range of topics...all fun. Cool idea to keep the game fast paced.

The Bad: Just fun and laughs. The Dastardly: And then there are the kids that purposely hold the egg for a long time at the beginning and think of a whole series of answers then start tossing the egg!


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