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Dungeon Roll - Dastardly Review #140

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Dungeon Roll was created by Chris Darden in 2013.

It is a push your luck dungeon delver (with some really cool dice to chuck!) And the awesome treasure chest with a hinged lid.

Plays in 15 minutes. Ages +8.


This is one of those times where the components really help make the game.

The box is a small treasure chest with super cool hinged lid. Just outstanding! You draw treasure tokens from the chest during the game so it is part of the game.

The dice are all custom and high quality:

- a d10 to track the dungeon level

- white Party Dice

- black Dungeon Dice.

The card art work is top notch. The cardboard tokens are ok but I would actually pay for an upgrade to have the tokens match the rest of the components.


Quick and simple setup:

- each player gets a player aid card and picks a Hero Card

- set the d10 to level 1

And you are ready to play!


You earn experience points for each level of the dungeon that you successfully clear, collecting loot and killing dragons.

The player with the most experience at the end of three Dungeon Delves is the winner!


One player is the Active Hero and another player is the Dungeon Master. In a Solo Game the player just does both roles (it does not distract from the game at all).

Each Dungeon Delve has four phases:

1) Monster Phase - fight Monsters

2) Looting - Draw Treasure from Chests and quaff Potions to revive Party Dice

3) Dragon - fight the Dragon if it was attracted by your actions

4) Regroup - exit, push your luck and go deeper or if you completed level 10 you retire

Fighting the Monsters is super simple: you use the grid to best match your Party Dice against the Monster Dice.

Some party Dice can deal with just one or all of the Monster Dice of a type.

The real key to progressing to deeper and deeper levels is to collect Treasure and use it wisely.

Treasure gives you unique abilities to clear monsters or rebuild your party or score points. A fun mix but key to advancing.

Each time you clear a dungeon level you are faced with the classic decision: do I continue to the next level and risk everything or do I head back to the tavern to count my spoils and enjoy a cold brew.


Dungeon Roll plays best with either 1 or 2 players. If you have 3 or 4 players, there is a lot of down time but that works if you have good snacks!

A game for Dice lovers.

We really enjoyed switching off between being the Active Hero and the Dungeon Master. Good mix of activities.

The game plays different depending on your hero skills.

Not always sure leveling up your Hero is worth the cost in experience points.

A fun, quick game.


Dungeon Roll is a light game but that isn't a negative. There is a lot of fun play packed into that treasure chest of high quality components.


The cardboard tokens have great art but I wish they were a cooler material.


Best dice ever.


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