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Empire: Wargame of the Century - Dastardly Review #058

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

I played Empire Classic or Empire Wargame of the Century on both the C64 and DOS. Empire was one of the groundbreaking computer games. It was created by Walter Bright in the 1970’s with first commercial version released in 1977. Walter wrote the first version using FORTRAN while at Caltech.

Empire has a cult following and there are multiple places to download either the classic versions to look at the source code or to try to get some newer versions to run on your current computers.

Empire is the forerunner to Civilization and many other conquer the world strategy games. The graphics are classic.

Here is a site that Walter Bright created that has the full history and links to downloads:

The Good: Sooo much classic fun.

The Bad: Trying to get it to run on current a bit frustrating.

The Dastardly: The game that started my addiction to computer gaming for world domination.


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