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Epic Roll - Dastardly Review #093

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

We got our copy of Epic Roll after playing it at Gen Con 2016. Our first Gen Con purchase!!!

I was struck by a couple things...a board that doesn’t get in the way, artwork that was D&Dish and fun, and pace of play

and the push your luck component.

Epic roll is for 2-3 adventurers - Blue Wizard, Red Fighter and Green Elf. Our games have last about 15 minutes.

The gameboard is an escalating track of battles. The first player to defeat the lich wins.

Game play is fast and fun. Advance a space. Encounter a monster. Fight the Monster using specialized dice and throwing in treasure/weapon cards to help. If the hero loses all its Hit Points it dies and moves backwards. If the monster dies, the hero wins and gains a treasure. If the battle is going bad for the hero, the hero can decide to run but the monster gets one final swipe.

And then after a successful battle the player faces the big decision: Press Your Luck and advance, encounter and fight or Stay Put and end your turn so you can start your next turn rested with full Hit Points.

Epic Roll is a strategy dice game with several decision points each turn. Play too conservative and your opponents will pass you up and finish the quest first. Play too aggressive and you will spend your time moving backwards.

A fun game that has D&Dish terms and art.

The Good: Balance of play and decision points.

The Bad: Just right for what it is.

The Dastardly: Epic Roll has been a great entry game for our grandkids. They love it.


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