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Escape Room The Game - Dastardly Review #079

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

We love escape rooms and were very excited to buy Escape Room the Game. Released in 2016 this game has great art and features a special device - the Chrono Decoder.

There are four separate 60 minute escape the rooms in the base box.

We played the first two. The puzzles are high quality and perfectly tricky. The goal is to insert four plastic keys into the Chrono Decoder in the correct order. There are a whole pile of keys to choose from based upon clues from puzzles.

The problem is - we got false negatives from the Decoder. We checked online and our solutions were correct but the Decoder told us we were wrong. Tried many times to get it to work...failed every time.

We looked online and others have had this same problem.


The Good: The puzzles are good but...

The Bad: We played the first two games on both we got false negatives from the Chrono Decoder. Ruined the whole experience for us. Not going to try this game anymore.

The Dastardly: The game should have an app that can work as either a backup or replacement for the Chrono Decoder. Really frustrating to get the false negatives.


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