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Escape: Zombie City - Unboxing

Escape: Zombie City was designed by Kristian Amundsen Ostby and published by Queen Games in 2014.

We are suckers for timed games, zombies and escape themes so we are really excited about Escape: Zombie City.

The game is guided by a spooky CD (also available online) that gives you 15 minutes to gather provisions, accomplish a couple goals, load a van and drive the van out of the city. The city is built as you explore to find the provisions. Oh...and there are zombies too!

The game includes a lot of high quality components with cool art.

The game includes 20 custom dice with symbols for baseball bats, fists, running, fear and recovery. This is basically a free-for-all dice rolling game.

There are meeples for the players and their yellow bus which they use to escape the city.

And provisions to collect from the hospital, grocery store and filling station.

And a bunch of map tiles that are used to create Zombie City as you explore. Spread among the tiles are locations to search for provisions, mounds of zombies that spawn more zombies, routing for the zombie hordes and hopefully an exit tile.

And event cards that are triggered when you explore new areas. Really like the simplicity and that they don't require a lot of words...aids with the speed of play significantly.

Oh...and there are zombies too! Shambling zombies. Spawning zombies. And they are all hungry. Very hungry.

The components are all very high quality. The instructions and symbols are very easy to understand.

Now we get to play it!!!


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