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Eye Found It! - Dastardly Review #065

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Another great Disney based game, Eye Found It! was released in 2013 and became a hit with our smaller grandkids.

Eye Found It! is a very interactive game. The game is best played on the floor as the board is six feet long! The players scoot around the board looking for items hidden on the board.

The spinner either indicates a move on the board, a search for items indicated on a card or the dreaded clock ticks closer to midnight. Players win if they make it to Cinderella’s Castle before the clock strikes midnight.

The quality of the bits and pieces and board is awesome.

The Good: A six foot long board! Awesome! The Bad: Harder for older people to see the small details and shift around the board but great for kids!

The Dastardly: The game board says there are a 1,000 items hidden on the six foot board...we didn’t try counting them.


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