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FOIL - Dastardly Review #073

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

FOIL is a 3M bookcase game from 1968.

FOIL is a wonderful make words card game.

There are 108 letter cards and four card racks. All of high quality. And the dreaded timer.

First you draw and discard cards until a player can make words with all of the cards in his hand. Then all players discard unused cards.

Then each player secretly scrambles the letters they used.

All players then turn their card racks around so all players can see the scrambled words.

The players then race the clock to try to make words of the scrambled words!

This game sounds soooo easy.

But it isn’ is fun and frustrating.

The Good: A top notch party game for 2-4 players.

The Bad: The timer...don’t like the timer.

The Dastardly: When you scramble your is very important to put them in an order that will distract your opponents. Send their minds on paths they don’t want to go on. Be Dastardly!


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