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Galaxy Trucker - Unboxing

This is more of an unbagging than an unboxing! We played Galaxy Trucker for the first time in the CGE play hall and loved it so much that I bought everything Galaxy Trucker related in the room!

Galaxy Trucker was new to us even though it was created in 2007 by Vlaada Chvatil and published by Czech Games Edition. It was super fun and didn't take itself too seriously.

We will be playing it with the grandkids soon and during our Geeky Game Night. A full Dastardly Review will follow.

CGE included a super cool Galaxy Trucker carry bag that holds Galaxy Trucker the base game, The Big Expansion, Another Big Expansion, the Missions Expansion, spaceship expansions and a paper back book. Normally I unbox on our game table...this time I had to use the floor!

Here is what is in just the base Galaxy Trucker box. I didn't open all the expansions...would have needed a bigger house!

There are bags of player pieces, stack of mission cards, dice, a timer, truckers etc. Plus a stack of spaceships layouts, counters to punch and the game board.

This is a bag of Galaxy Truckers. Cute little guys aren't they!

This is an example of the high quality of the bits and pieces found throughout the game. Instead of just using tokens or meeples they created these custom cool!

Sheets and sheets of punchouts provide engines, lasers, shields, storage units, batteries and housing for those cute little truckers. And somewhere in there are currency pieces too.

Luckily the grandkids love punching out pieces!

The pure fun of Galaxy Truckers was the main reason I bought out the store (literally got the last copy of one of the expansions). The high quality of the game pieces and the art also contributed to my purchase decision.

Excited to introduce the family and the Geeky Guys to Galaxy Trucker!


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