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Gamer Travels

We just got back from a week in Phoenix. We went with four grandkids and met up with two more so we packed a few games!

Three lessons learned:

1) Always always practice safe game travelling...use rubber bands! They help protect against any surprises!

2) TSA scanners do NOT like dense materials and card decks scan as a dense material. So...we got to watch them unbox/rebox our games. And run additional material tests.

3) Flimsy TSA gloves do not work well when removing/replacing rubber bands. I think the poor TSA agent went through four or five gloves that ripped...and he had to chase a rubber band that he accidentally shot 20 feet.

Also had a blast designing a new game with two of the grandkids. They are hard at work on an entry for the HABA contest.

Fun listening to 10 year olds dictating play instructions and debating the best effects of an attack!

And the Game Depot tradition of our favorite Friendly Local Game Stores. Clean. Extremely knowledgeable. Great selection. Friendly. A must stop for us. When in the Phoenix area please check out the Game Depot!


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