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Garfield Toon Line - Dastardly Review #114

Garfield Toon Line will be a Kickstarter project in Fall 2018.

Toon Line was designed by Mark Mariano and published by Golden Bell Studios.

Garfield Toon Line is a tile placement style game where you try to get rid of all your cards to win.

Each card has two terrific characters except for the wild Garfield cards which only have Garfield. Maybe Garfield ate too much pizza so there isn't room for anyone else.

Players take turns using the wonderful and iconic Garfield characters to connect tiles. Four connected cards with the same character form a Toon Set.

After making a Toon Set a player gets to continue playing. Toon Sets can be connected using a Toon Bridge which must match the characters of two Toon Sets.

Just try to look at the Garfield characters without smiling!! So fun to play a game with Garfield and friends

Game Objective

Win by getting rid of all the cards in your hand.

Game Components

76 Garfield Toon Line Cards with two iconic characters per card

5 Garfield Wild Cards

Game Play

Game play is fast and fun. Our games with four players took less than 20 minutes.

Players take turns turns playing cards. Cards must be played on so they connect to the Toon Line.

The Toon Line becomes a large map of connected Garfield characters.

There are only a couple rules when playing cards:

  • The new card must connect with each card next to it by sharing a character in common.

  • The background of the new card CANNOT be the same as any card it is touching.

Toon Sets are formed when four connecting cards contain a matching character. When a player creates a Toon Set the player must continue playing a new card.

Toon Sets can be connected by a Toon Bridge which is a card that contains characters from each Toon Set. After playing a Toon Bridge the player must continue playing a new card.

If a player can’t play a card then they must draw a card.


It only took us about 5 minutes to read the rules and setup Garfield Toon Line.

The artwork is a lot of fun. Garfield Toon Line brings back fun memories of the Garfield comics and TV show while trying to win a fast paced tile placement game. Good level of strategy.

Great entry level game to get people into board games.

The Good: Lots of smiles while playing a fast paced game.

The Bad: Not much. Took a bit to understand that ‘same character’ did not mean ‘identical picture’ as some of the characters appear with different expressions.

The Dastardly: Don’t underestimate the level of strategy hidden in this fun entry level game.

FYI - We used a PnP of Garfield Toon Line to play the game.


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