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Go F**k Yourself - Dastardly Review #101

Go F**K Yourself is a unique “take that” card game. Underneath a layer of adult humor and some strong language is a fun and challenging game.

I won’t let my grandkids (ages 10-13) play this game but was very comfortable playing GFY with our daughter. GFY’s cards are mostly PG rated with R rated language on some cards. Go F**K Yourself has good raunchy adult humor. Most of the cards are funny while some generated belly laughs.

The art is simple with vibrant colors. For example, the Holy Shit card has a pile of poop with a halo. A lot funnier than the poop emoji! The art is a perfect fit for this game...loved it. The card stock is of high quality and stood up to spilled beer just fine!

Setup is quick = deal 7 cards to each player.

Then place one card face up to start the discard pile next to the draw pile.

Game Play is equally quick = Draw one Play one.

Cards let you draw more, play more, steal cards, swap hands, pass hands, skip opponent's turns, pass cards, discard cards etc. The gray cards are more powerful and allow you to burst the bubble of a friend who thought he just won!

First player to get rid of all of their cards wins!

We played in 15 minutes the first time with two players so it is very easy to learn. All of our games whether with 2 players or 6 players took less than 20 minutes. Some games were as quick as 5 minutes.

Most of our friends that played Go F**K Yourself asked how to get their own copy!

The Good: Fun mix of adult humor using cards with really funny pictures.

The Bad: The name of the game might put some people off...well if it does... then GFY!

The Dastardly: Many of the cards triggered memories...most better left forgotten! The “Shit on by a Seagull” card reminded us of a vacation incident and our middle daughter...enough said!

GYI is not available in stores...give Amazon a try:

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