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Googly Eyes - Dastardly Review #062

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Our grandkids (ages 8-13) love Googly Eyes. It was one of the hot games in 2014.

Googly Eyes is a simple draw/guess game. Someone draws and if someone on their team correctly guesses what they are drawing they move forward on the board.

Simple...right? Wrong!

Googly Eyes has a unique mechanic...the person drawing has to wear a set of glasses. The spaces on the board don’t tell the category of the drawing...they indicate which set of lenses are placed in the glasses. The lenses are easy, medium or hard. But the lenses don’t improve vision they distort what the drawer sees! At the hard level it is almost easier to draw with your eyes shut.

The struggles of the drawer create lots of laughs. Kids really enjoy the game.

The Good: Good clean fun!

The Bad: Don’t let the kids walk with the glasses on...they will fall.

The Dastardly: Be careful of the lenses! I have vision problems due to a Traumatic Brain Injury. I wore the lenses for about 5 minutes and was sidelined with headaches for a day. I have heard of others having similar problems. So now I only guess and never draw.


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