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LOGO - Dastardly Review #043

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

LOGO was first released in 2009 in the UK and was one of the UK’s top selling board games that year. LOGO has since been released in many countries and is customized with native brands and logos.

LOGO has an intriguing premise...answer questions about or identify brands and logos. A correct answer advances you towards the incredibly, creatively named Winning Zone!

This game was a complete surprise. We were soooo excited to buy it and get people together to play it. And then we found out how hard it is. It is #$%^^& hard. The family ended up more frustrated than happy. So we tried it with a group of older friends without little kids. The adults ended up even more frustrated. And this was a group of pretty experienced couch potatoes that has sat through more than an average number of commercials.

The Good: Great idea and design.

The Bad: Too freaking hard.

The Dastardly: Maybe there are some logo savants out there...couldn’t find any in Nebraska.


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