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Lucky Numbers - Dastardly Review #143

Lucky Numbers was designed by Michael Schacht and released in 2012. It is a draw and place a tile game. You are filling out a 4x4 grid where the number of the tiles have to increase top to bottom and left to right. A super simple game.

We started playing Lucky Numbers on a couple months ago. Each game takes 3-10 minutes to play depending on the number of players and how quick they take their turns. In those couple months, I've played 288 games of Lucky Numbers so be can be addicting!


The start of the game is very easy. Each player has a 4x4 grid style card. There are a pile of face down clovers. There are 20 clovers for each player (numbered 1-20) all mixed into one combined draw pile.

There are various ways to start the game: a random 4 tiles are placed diagonally from the top left square to the bottom right square or players can draw and place those tiles. Either way, the game starts with those diagonal clovers filled in.


Players take turns either drawing a face down lucky clover or any clovers that happen to be face up on the table.

The player then places the clover either on an empty space or replaces an existing clover.

If the tile isn't played or if it has been replaced then it is placed face up on the table.

Players keep taking turns until the winning player fills in all their spots.


Lucky Numbers is a very straight forward tile laying game. Super simple and fast. Two player games on BGA take about 5 minutes.

The art work is perfect for the game...enhances but doesn't distract.

As the name suggests, Lucky Numbers has a very high degree of luck so be ready for that. We use it as a kickoff or finish to a virtual game night or a quick filler while waiting for a zoom call to start.

The game can be played with 2 to 4 players and it definitely feels different when playing with more than 2 players. Also you can play a couple game mini-tournament with special scoring per game. They are all great change of pace options.


Lucky Numbers is a fun way to spend 5-10 minutes. There is some strategy to when you replace existing tiles which results in tiles then being face up on the board for your opponent to take.


Luck. Luck. Luck. Just know that going in and you will have fun.


Keeping an eye on your opponent's board is almost as important as watching yours. Especially towards the end of the game you can make some defensive plays to slow down your opponent but you will also likely slow yourself down too.


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