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Marvel Fluxx - Dastardly Review #127

Marvel Fluxx (2019) was designed by Andrew Looney and published by Looney Labs.

Fluxx has a long, successful line of different themed games. We have played most of them. The Marvel edition is just wonderful and easily is our favorite.

Marvel Fluxx has incredible art representing our favorite Marvel characters. Very bright and fun to look at. The Action, Goal and Rule cards have been tailored to fit with Marvel which makes the game even more fun.


Fluxx uses highly quality card stock.

There are four types of cards in Fluxx: Keeper, Rule, Action and Goal. Goal Cards show which Keeper Cards are required to satisfy that Goal and win the game. Keeper Cards are your favorite Marvel characters. Rule cards are rules (duh!) and Action cards are actions (double duh!)

The Marvel edition also includes a collector's coin which is a poker chip that looks like Captain America's shield. It is used by one of the Rule Cards.


Setup is super easy.

Place the Basic Rules card in the center of the table.

Shuffle the other cards and deal 3 to each player. Put the remaining Fluxx cards in a draw pile next to the Basic Rules.

Game Play

Play is also super simple. Just follow the rules on the table.

And this is where Fluxx shines. Each game plays different because of the flexibility of the Rules.

A player can play a new Rule and suddenly the game changes!

There can be just the Basic Rules in effect or a whole bunch of Rules can be added that override the Basic Rules.

Or someone can play an Action card that reduces the Rules back to just the Basic Rules. The game is constantly in...well...flux!

Even a Rule type such as saying how many cards to Play during your turn has many variations. Only the last version of a Rule type is in effect. The replaced card goes to the discard pile.

So if the Play 2 Rule was in effect and somebody plays the Play 4 then the Play 2 card is discarded.

There is normally at least one Goal card in effect. It shows the winning conditions of the game.

If a player has Keeper cards in play equal to what is shown on the Goal card then the player wins!

Or a player might play an Action card.

Action cards take effect immediately upon being played.

Action cards can effect a single card such as discarding or drawing or it can effect a large number of cards or maybe even cause players to swap hands.

Keeper cards are what satisfy Goal cards and allow you to win.

Some Keeper cards have a custom ability.

Loki's power to switch spots with another Keeper is really cool and can be used to steal a winning Keeper from an opponent.


Our gaming groups really enjoy Fluxx. When we travel I normally have a version of Fluxx in my backpack. It makes for a perfect quick game while we are waiting in the airport or hanging out in a hotel.

One of our grandkids just doesn't like Fluxx (we love him anyway!). The flexibility of Fluxx is too much for him. He likes games where the rules are set in stone which is absolutely not Fluxx. Most of us really enjoy that flexibility and resolving changing Rules.

The Marvel characters, art and theme are incredibly well integrated into the game. Game play brings back many wonderful memories of the movies and comic books.

The Good: Best Fluxx yet!

The Bad: Don't really like the coin Action card so we leave it in the box.

The Dastardly: Snap!


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