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Munchkin CCG The Desolation of Blarg - Unboxing

We were innocents wandering Gen Con’s Exhibit Hall when we were asked by a young lady if we would like to learn Munchkin’s Collectible Card Game. We said “sure”.

Twenty minutes later I am buying the Munchkin CCG’s Desolation of Blarg display box. This box contains 24 12-card booster packs. What the heck? Did she hipnotize us? Well...the game was that fun!

In full disclosure...my family loves Munchkins. We have box upon box of their games.

Now I am at home opening the display box like a little boy on Christmas Eve. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear but an extra bonus card: the Flamingo Wanderer! So instead of the anticipated 288 cards there are 289!

The cards are of high quality with fun art.

The card types are: Ally, Loot, Hero, Mischief, Location and Monster. The Factions are: Neutral, Bard, Thief, Wizard, Warrior, Cleric and Ranger.

I dumped out all 24 booster packs and grabbed a pair of scissors and started opening them. Just lots of fun.

Soon I had piles of discarded wrapping and stacks of cards.

Being a geek, I started sorting and counting the cards. Here is what was in the display box sorted by Rarity:

141 Common

71 Uncommon

50 Rare

24 Very Rare

2 We Destroyed Most of These

1 Organized Play

289 Total

Munchkin’s has a great website for their CCG. Try the Card Search feature which allows you to search all of the cards. http://munchkinccg.game/gameplay/card-search/

The cards have the Munchkin art and humor that we have all come to love.

Now for some deck building!!