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Munchkin CCG The Desolation of Blarg - Unboxing

We were innocents wandering Gen Con’s Exhibit Hall when we were asked by a young lady if we would like to learn Munchkin’s Collectible Card Game. We said “sure”.

Twenty minutes later I am buying the Munchkin CCG’s Desolation of Blarg display box. This box contains 24 12-card booster packs. What the heck? Did she hipnotize us? Well...the game was that fun!

In full family loves Munchkins. We have box upon box of their games.

Now I am at home opening the display box like a little boy on Christmas Eve. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear but an extra bonus card: the Flamingo Wanderer! So instead of the anticipated 288 cards there are 289!

The cards are of high quality with fun art.

The card types are: Ally, Loot, Hero, Mischief, Location and Monster. The Factions are: Neutral, Bard, Thief, Wizard, Warrior, Cleric and Ranger.

I dumped out all 24 booster packs and grabbed a pair of scissors and started opening them. Just lots of fun.

Soon I had piles of discarded wrapping and stacks of cards.

Being a geek, I started sorting and counting the cards. Here is what was in the display box sorted by Rarity:

141 Common

71 Uncommon

50 Rare

24 Very Rare

2 We Destroyed Most of These

1 Organized Play

289 Total

Munchkin’s has a great website for their CCG. Try the Card Search feature which allows you to search all of the cards.

The cards have the Munchkin art and humor that we have all come to love.

Now for some deck building!!


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