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Munchkin Zombies - Dastardly Review #089

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that love Munchkins and

those that just take things too seriously!

Our family and friends love Munchkins...all kinds, variations and expansions. An awesome card game.

If you’ve never played Munchkins...most of the games play pretty similarly. First player to level up to 10 wins. You level up by winning battles or playing a level up card. Battles are either really simple and quick with you versus a monster or they are a free-for-all with other players throwing aid to the monster or you. That aid can be single use weapons, their own abilities or attracting even more monsters.

Turns are quick as you explore the setting. Kick in a door? Maybe there is a monster. Or maybe something helpful. If you win a battle you can gain some loot cards. If someone helps you might have to share the treasure or levels.

So the mechanics are simple, fast and involve everyone at the table. And proven. And balanced. And GOOD.

So...why so many successful versions? It’s the art. It’s the humor. It’s turning cliches into really cool cards. And nothing is safe from Munchkin humor...even Munchkins. Munchkins is as much about wacky card combinations as it is about winning...although winning is always good!

Munchkin Zombies flipped the Munchkin world on its head in 2011 when the first box came out.. Players take take the role of zombies and the traditional monster deck is full of humans trying to defeat the zombies. Pokes fun at zombies and humans equally!

The Good: Who doesn’t like zombies?

The Bad: Don’t expect some earth shattering new Munchkin mechanic. Munchkins is Munchkins is Munchkins and that is also something Good!

The Dastardly: No zombies were injured in the making of this game (maybe).


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