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Murder of Crows - Dastardly Review #002

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Can you spell MURDER?

Murder of Crows is the game we pull out when we have 15-20 minutes to kill.  Setup is as simple as dealing out cards and creating a draw pile. The winner is the first player to have cards out that spell MURDER.  Each turn is quick with a player either drawing a card and playing a card or drawing two cards. Pretty simple!

Except (there’s always an except!!) ... each time a card is played it invokes a special power that sabotages another player or all other players.  Special powers can be cancelled by discarding either a Wild Card or a letter card that has the same number of crows as the card played by the active player.  So every time a card is played, players are faced with a decision to either discard or take a chance on being sabotaged.

The game play is fast and all players are engaged even when it isn’t their turn. Some strategy.  Some luck of the draw. Some sabotage. All fun.

Murder of Crows is a great game to introduce non-gamers to the joys of tabletop games.  For the experienced, it is a fun way to fill time while waiting for that last gamer who is always late!  Or to round out the gaming session by taking out your vengeance on the night’s winner!

Phrases on the winner’s cards explain who killed who where and how.  A nice funny touch!

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