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Ouija - Dastardly Review #052

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

American lawyer Elijah Bond filed for a patent on the Ouija Board in 1890. In 1897 he registered as a trademark the word “Nirvana”. And the Ouija Board or Nirvana Board also used a swastika as a company logo.

The Ouija or Talking board is a wooden board with the letters from the alphabet, “Yes” and “No”, the numbers 0-9 and “Goodbye”. Also included in a planchette which is a thin piece of plastic or wood with a clear circular window so you can see through it. The planchette easily glides on three legs.

Ouija is “played” by either one person or a couple putting their fingertips on the planchette and letting spirits guide their hands or involuntary muscle movements depending on your beliefs. Players often ask questions and see how the spirits answer.

Ouija is often played as part of a seance with candles and a darkened room.

Elijah Bond’s unmarked grave dedicated 2008. Picture from

The Good: Fun, spooky game for a sleepover with a cool history to read about. The Bad: Boo!

The Dastardly: Let the Ouija board answer!


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