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Outburst - Dastardly Review #036

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

We logged thousands of miles driving while playing Outburst. And spent many a night playing with friends in the late


Outburst was created by Brian Hersch and released in 1986 and was an instant hit. It is a game of lists where each card has a topic at the top and a list of 10 items. The 10 items are printed so they are only visible through a special viewer (similar to Password). This allows teams to look at the card and read the topic and then decide if they want to “pass” or “play” without being able to see the list.

Scoring is simple - a point for each correct answer plus a bonus based on the roll of a die if you get all 10. First team to 60 wins.

This is one of the games that can be “played” by just two people to kill time. The topic is read but nobody looks at the list. Both people shout out answers. When they can’t think of anything else the list is revealed and they see how well they did. Fun!

Funny story...the original game was NSFW...parents didn't read the adults only warning. Walmart returned all of its copies. The game was sanitized to be a family game.

The Good: Great party game. Great driving game. Great lists. Great game.

The Bad: Like many list games...older versions fade out interest for younger players...get a newer version! The Dastardly: Midnight Outburst was a Kickstarter in 2016 by the original creator of Outburst!. And it is definitely Adults for Adults!


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