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Password - Dastardly Review #024

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Password the board game was created in 1962 after the highly successful TV game show started in 1961.

Allen Ludden was the first host of Password the game show. Over 2,500 episodes aired through various runs and restarts of this classic game show. TV Guide ranks Password as the 8th greatest game show ever!

The board game plays very similarly to the game show. There are two teams. Members on the teams take turns being the clue givers. Play alternates between two clue givers on opposite teams working from the same list of Passwords.

The clue givers try to get their teammates to guess the Password. Each time a clue is given the value of the Password goes down after starting at a value of 10 for the first clue. If their team can’t guess the word then the opposing team gets to give a clue and guess. Play continues like this until either a team guesses the Password or the Password value hits zero or a clue giver gives an invalid clue.

Password has a really funky, see through, red plastic holder for the Password cards that allows the clue giver to see the 10 Passwords. The Passwords are written in a bluish ink amid a light red ink so they are difficult to read with the naked eye.

A real classic board game that is fun in party settings.

The Good: A perfect clue/word guessing game.

The Bad: Makes me miss quality game shows. The Dastardly: We used to play this with just two of us alternating as clue giver and each person giving 10 words or until all the Passwords were guessed.


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