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Pictopia - Dastardly Review #060

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Pictopia, the Disney Edition, is a cool

trivia game released in 2014.

It seems like everything Disney touches is high quality as is this game.

Each game card has four pictures on the front. On the back are questions that are based on all four of those pictures….and it is 100% Disney. Add to all that Disneyness the ability to wager 1-5 on your answer it gets even better.

Then instead of just you versus everyone else there are different modes of questions.

In Group questions, all players works together to pick the correct answer or answers...yes sometimes there are more than one answer that fits the question!!!

In individual, all players use an answer wheel to pick an answer in secret. Then once everyone has picked an answer the answer wheel is flipped over to see who wins.

And there is also a Spotlight mode where the focus is on you! You try to pick the right answer. The other players try to pick what you will answer (regardless of whether you were correct or not).

And all the bits and pieces in the game are very high quality….just what you would expect from Disney.

The Good: Everything in the box and even the box itself. A great way to experience Disney without shelling out $1,000s of dollars to visit the parks.

The Bad: Not much.

The Dastardly: Spotlight mode is sooo much fun. Who cares about right and wrong?


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