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Pirate Fluxx - Dastardly Review #103

Pirate Fluxx was released in 2011 by Looney Labs (of course!).

Fluxx is one of those games that people either love or hate. Our family loves Fluxx.

We played Pirate Fluxx last night at a board game bar. A couple of the hardcore gamers in the group aren’t Fluxx accounting for taste! I just added Pirate Fluxx to my games wish list.

Pirate Fluxx is well...Fluxx with a Pirate theme! Ships and treasure. Cards that make you talk like a pirate. Cutlasses and a Captain’s Hat. Rubies, pearls and pieces of eight.

This version added the Surprise cards that you can play anytime.

How can you go wrong with a Pirate theme? Pirate Fluxx is a swashbuckling good time! It is now my favorite version of Fluxx.

The Good: Draw One Play One soon escalates to Draw 4 Play 3 Hand Limit of 2 Keeper Limit of fun!

The Bad: Some people just don’t get it!

The Dastardly: Arrggghh...I need me Limes to cure the Scurvy!


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