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Rock Paper Wizard - Dastardly Review #088

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

As a hard core D&Der from the very early 1980s...Rock Paper Wizard is terrific Dimension Door down memory lane.

Rock Paper Wizard by Wizkids came out in 2016.

The main components of the game are 23 beautifully done cards of classic D&D spells. The art is great. Just felt like stepping back in time. Each card shows the hand/finger configuration necessary to cast the spell. Extremely well designed with high quality parts.

The premise is simple: a group of spell slinging wizards have slain a dragon. It turns out that was the easy part. Now the wizards can’t agree how to divide up the dragon’s hoard of gold so they resort to spells.

There is a shared “book” of rotating spell cards. At any one time there are 5 spells available for the each wizard to choose a spell from. After everyone has picked a spell it is time to cast it. Using the familiar rock/paper/scissor count down...the wizards simultaneously reveal which spell they are casting by their making the casting gesture from the spell card.

From there the results of the castings are resolved. Some player’s spells are aborted. Maybe the spell results push you farther towards the pile of gold. Other wizards might get blown out of the cave. Some gain gold. Others lose gold.

The first player to amass 25 gold pieces wins.

Play is quick, interactive and what could be more fun than casting Fear, Stinking Cloud and Feeblemind on your friends!

The Good: Nothing beats a good ole Fireball!

The Bad: Can’t wait until an expansion! The Dastardly: A great introduction to D&D for kids...low pressure and quick moving.


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