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Scene It - Dastardly Review #050

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Scene It was a revolutionary game for its is a trivia game that used cards and a DVD to play scenes.

The main problem with the game was if you had any hardware problems with your DVD player then all of your friends sat around while you tried to fix the DVD player. We had lots of problems where the DVD would start over in the middle of a game. We tried two different brands of DVD players and both had that problem.

Scene It is available in dozens of versions from the original to Doctor Who to James Bond to Friends. Newer versions use streaming on the computer rather than DVDs.

We also had a version that ran on the Xbox which was quite good.

The Good: Great idea and design. The Bad: Dependence on DVD player compatibility.

The Dastardly: I haven’t tried any of the newer versions since the first couple games except an Xbox version.


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