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Secret Hitler - Dastardly Review #094

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Secret Hitler is awesome. It was a 2015 Kickstarter that raised almost $1,500,000.

Some people are put off by the Hitler/fascist theme...don’t be. Nothing in the game glamorizes Hitler.

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game. Hitler and the Fascists are trying to get into power while the Liberals are trying to prevent that. The players are divided between the Fascists and LIberals with the Liberals having the most players. One of Fascists is Hitler. Hitler doesn’t know who the other Fascists are but they know who Hitler is.

Each round two players are elected to be President and Chancellor. They work together to try to get a random law enacted. The Fascists maneuver to get Fascists laws passed while sabotaging Liberal laws.

The Liberals win by assassinating Hitler or passing five Liberal laws. Fascists win if six Fascists laws are passed or if Hitler becomes Chancellor after three Fascist laws are in effect. As each team passes more laws then special conditions/actions are triggered. The game escalates and tensions increase.

The Good: Very different feel from Werewolf. Not many laughs. A very serious game with a lot of tension. Teams almost feel tired when the game is over. The Bad: Although the game is playable with 6 players it is much much better with 8 to 10.

The Dastardly: This game taught me a hard lesson...I saw it originally at Gen Con in a cool wood box. Walked past it several days and put off buying it for various stupid reasons. Then on Sunday went in with a hand full of cash...and it was sold out!!!

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