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Secret Public Journal - September

Well, it's been over a month since Gen Con and boy have things been interesting for us. As new game design entrepreneurs it is a crash-course in how the industry works and what we could be doing better. We had a lot of lessons learned and will walk away stronger in our future projects.

Let's give a quick update with what's up with our current projects before we introduce some new ones:

Out of Line - Food Trucks

Had a lot of great presentations during a couple of speed dating events. We have a couple of potential partners that are reviewing it through their processes, but nothing we can talk about yet.

Out of Line - Nature Calls

Playtesting went really well on this game during Gen Con. We're currently making some small adjustments to the rules and content before we take this game to potential partners.


Blind playtesting for the game went well, however we realized that the card design and rules needed some moderate revisions and a little more playtesting before we take this one to partners. We're currently finalizing a new version of the cards and rules.

Samples of the new cards:

Now we'd like to introduce a couple of new projects:

Merchants of Haz'ard County:

We prescribe to a model where we like to iterate on design and concepts keeping much of the essence of the previous game (50%) but trying to improve 25% and add 25% new to the game. As such we took our Out of Line - Food Trucks and are changing the theme and adding an objective to the game.

The King of Haz'ard County has asked his Sergeant to gather the fiercest warriors to go on an epic quest. Being the stickler for rules, the Sergeant requires a few things before you can go on this quest, armor, a helm, and a weapon of some kind. The rules say you have to have the equipment, but you better hurry, there's only one spot left in the party. Be the first one to get the equipment you need and you get to go!
There's a shop that sells each of the required pieces of equipment, a junk vendor that's faster but let's just say his equipment might not be new and a magic vendor that can sell you spells and potions to cheat your way to the front of the line.


Much like Merchants, we wanted to play with our Nature Calls title to see where it went. At Gen Con we had the idea of improving the game by changing themes.

Even wizards need a break and at the annual music festival they gather to cut loose. Misunderstood and magical creatures gather alike to enjoy music, mead and magic. Yet there's still one act they can't avoid and that's when nature calls... and oh the lines... everyone has to use the outhouses available. Yet Whiz'ards don't play fair. They'll use tricks, spells and subterfuge to get to the front of the line, so they can get back to the music and mead.

Roadway to Redemption

Also a brainchild of Gen Con, this one might not be appropriate for the kids. It's a game of blind objectives where you're playing at life and your quest to make it to heaven or hell. Play cards on yourself or opponents to move them up or down the Road to Redemption, but be careful, you never know where they're trying to get.


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