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Silver & Gold - Dastardly Review #129

Silver & Gold was designed by Phil Walker-Harding of highly successful games Sushi Go!, Imhotep and Gizmos among many.

Oliver Freudenreich was the artist.

SIlver & Gold was published by Pandasaurus Games in 2019.

Silver & Gold is a treasure hunt using dry erase treasure maps. Maps are completed by crossing off spots on the maps.

If any of you are like me and have nightmares about dry erase boards from work - don't worry! These dry erase cards clean up easily.


The cards in Silver & Gold are perfectly designed. A little bit of art so they aren't plain but not too much that it distracts. We've played the game over 50 times and the components are holding up well. One bit of advice - someone (me) didn't put the lid on one of the markers tight enough and it dried out but I am pretty sure that was user error.

There are 8 Expedition Cards but only 7 are turned over each round.

The Expedition Cards are immediately recognizable as Tetris-like. And fitting those pieces into your map cards is the core of Silver & Gold.

47 unique Treasure Map cards provide the landing spots for the Expedition Card shapes.

Sprinkled on the Treasure Maps are Red X's (X marks the spot after all), Palm Trees and Gold Coins.

Each map is worth victory points. The bigger the map the more points! Also some maps generate bonus points based on map color.

Each player gets a Score Card to track their progress.

The Score Cards are nicely designed and minimize the amount of time needed for end of game scoring.

Part of the fun of Silver & Gold is writing on the Treasure Maps and also progressing on your Score Card.

Also the theme is fun - searching for gold using Treasure Maps.

Game Play

Silver & Gold is played in 4 Rounds.

Each Round consists of 7 turns where an Expedition Card is turned face up.

All players simultaneously fit the Expedition Card shape onto one of their two Treasure Maps and X off the appropriate squares. If the shape doesn't fit they can X any one square.

When a player completes a Treasure Map they pick a new Map. A new Map is selected from three face up Maps or the top card from the Map Draw Pile.

Palm Trees collect bonus points when crossed off. The Red Xs allow the player to X off another box on either of their Treasure Maps.

Coins get crossed off on the player's Score Card. When a player completes a row of coins they earn the highest value unclaimed trophy.

Once 7 Expedition Cards have been turned over the Round is over. The Expedition Cards are shuffled and the next Round starts. At the end of the fourth Round the game is over and total points are scored. The player with the most points wins!


Silver & Gold was easily our most played game of 2019. We first played it in an airport. Then a brewery. Then at the neighbors. Game nights. Restaurants. Golf courses when it was raining.

We've played with hardcore gamers, non-gamers, kids, grandkids and us old people. All have enjoyed the game. Most have gone out and then bought their own copy.

A true go anywhere and play with anyone game.

The Tetris analogy simplifies learning the game. We teach it to new groups in under 5 minutes.

Game play is brisk with little down time due to the simultaneous play. We found that it helps to have one player act as GM to turn the Expedition Cards, help with scoring Palm Trees and Coins, and drawing new Treasure Maps. S&G plays in 15 to 20 minutes.

Silver & Gold is tons of fun!

The Good: Silver & Gold earned a spot in my backpack.

The Bad: Not much! A bit luck dependent on cards drawn but that is minimized by being able to select maps or changing your strategy.

The Dastardly: Go for the coins first! The higher point trophies pay off in the end. Or maybe go for the Bonus Maps. Or smaller maps so you complete more! Shift your tactics as the game progresses!

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