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Sorry! - Dastardly Review #025

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Sorry! was part of the triumvirate of board games when we were kids: Monopoly, Scrabble and Sorry!. Three very different games...all classics.

Sorry! Was created by William Henry Storey in England circa 1929. Sorry! Is in the Pachesi game style. Pachesi was originally created in India around 400AD. Pachesi was brought back to England when India was a British colony.

The game board is an iconic square track with areas for each player’s Start and Home in their classic colors of red, blue, green and yellow. The first player to move all four of their colored pawns from Start safely to Home wins.

Each player in turns draws a card and plays that card. The cards indicate how and the distance to move a pawn. For example a 7 card allows the player to split moving 7 spaces between two pawns. A 4 card moves a single pawn backwards 4 spots. A Sorry card allows you to take one of your pawns from your Start and put it where an opponent’s pawn sits...the opponents pawn goes back to its Start.

The five spaces in front of a player’s Home are ‘safe’ and pawns there cannot be affected by other players. Also there are slides on the board where a pawn slides five spaces knocking any pawn on those spaces back to Start.

Lots of fun, quick backstabbing action!

The Good: A true classic with balanced mechanics and a good introduction to messing up your friends! The Bad: None! The Dastardly: Saying Sorry doesn’t count if you are laughing!


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