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Sparta Games Lincoln - #NebraskaGaming

Sparta Games Lincoln opened June 29 at 70th & A in the old Grandmothers / Tanners building. They are a board game/bar/restaurant/game store.

Our gaming group was really excited about Sparta opening in Lincoln. Sparta has a location in Omaha. We love board games, drinks and good bar food. Four of us showed up early on a weekday night to give Sparta a try.

The building still has the Grandmothers/Tanners layout. The north side has a bunch of game tables, a wall of board games for sale and a shelf unit of games to play. The south side has the full-service bar, a bunch of restaurant tables and a ton of flat screen TVs. Lighting is good on both sides so it is easy to play games. You can eat, drink and play games on either side.

We ate in the bar area at a large high top table with comfy chairs and lots of room for gaming. Our waitress was very friendly.

The menu is rather small but very diverse. It should have something for anyone. We had an Italian Beef sandwich, a Hercules burger, a Spicy Thai burger and Macaroni and Cheese. We also had chips and salsa as an appetizer. We all enjoyed our sandwiches. The servings are large - the burgers are 8oz. The sandwiches come with homemade chips or fries. The salsa was homemade also and very tasty.

We also sampled some of the beers that were on tap. The Vanilla Bean Blonde Ale was the group’s favorite. The bar is full service and had some top of the line liquors.

There was a wide selection of board games for sale. There were classic games, new games, RPG books, miniatures, party social deduction games, war games, deep strategy games and kid games. Definitely something for everyone.

The game library was smaller than we expected but hopefully it will grow over time. It was also had a wide selection. We found three games that we hadn’t played before and played for several hours. The games were Pirate Fluxx, Captain Sonar and Cardline Marvel.

Overall we really enjoyed Sparta Games Lincoln and will be back! Spread the word!


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