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Star Fluxx - Dastardly Review #074

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Draw One. Play One.

Quite possible the simplest rules ever for

a game.

Until you play cards and the rules become Draw 5 Play 2 Hand Limit 1 etc.

That's why it is called "The Ever-Changing Card Game". Pure fun.

Fluxx was released in 1997. Fluxx quickly became a classic game. Then a classic series of games. Since then dozens of variations have been created. Our family favorite is Star Fluxx which came out in 2011. Star Fluxx is one of our Traveling games...always in my backpack.

Fluxx is a card game that starts with a simple set of rules: Draw 1 Play

There are several types of cards: New Rules, Action, Creeper, Goal and Keepers.

New Rule - Changes the rules by replacing a rule card or adding a new rule card.

Action - Do something to someone or draw cards or everyone discards etc.

Creeper - Bad cards that stay inforce until removed by special situations.

Keeper - Item or person cards.

Goal - Complete an inforce Goal card (typically by having 2 Keeper cards) and you win!

The cards and artwork in Star Fluxx are fun. Many references to Sci Fi TV shows and movies.

The Good: We haven’t found a person that doesn’t love Fluxx!

The Bad: Drinking Fluxx is terrible.

The Dastardly: Get the Captain card...allows you to steal the Engineer, Doctor and Scientist.


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