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Star Realms Frontiers - Unboxing

We have been looking forward to Star Realms Frontiers ever since we saw it on Kickstarter. The box just arrived and we couldn't wait to open it!

David Letterman could have dropped this box off of a tall building without damaging the contents! Had to search through the peanuts to find the decks. It was nice that we received an email with the contents listed and a warning about being sure to get all of the decks out of the packing materials.

And the searching and waiting was well worth it! The art is super high quality. The cards are easy to read and made of good materials. So excited to play Star Realms Frontiers for the first time. We are taking it to GenCon as our Wed night game!

Awesome job Darwin Kastle, Robert Dougherty and White Wizard Games!


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