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Star Trek Fluxx - Dastardly Review #108

What can you say about Fluxx? People either love it or hate it. I don't understand the haters. Maybe they just don't like having fun? Maybe they like huge rule books? Maybe they prefer games where people don't smile?

Star Trek Fluxx was designed by Andrew Looney and released in 2018 by Looney Labs and Gale Force Nine.

Star Trek Fluxx has all the mechanics any Fluxx'er knows and loves. Plus a new type of goal card - the UNGOAL.

The rules are simple: Draw 1, Play 1.

Until you are soon: Draw 4, Play 5, Hand Limit 2, Keeper Limit 4, Vent the Warp Core etc etc.

Winning is simple - satisfy the requirements of a face up Goal Card (maybe Kirk, Spock and McCoy or a Phaser and Kirk) from the dozens of Goal cards. And there are Creepers (Romulans, Clingons, Tribbles, Doomsday Machine etc) that might keep you from winning. Oh...and there are Action cards that can allow you to do cool things or Surprise cards that you can play anytime.

As you may have guessed...the cards are themed with the characters, items and situations that we great to love on the original TV show.

The Good: Another awesome Fluxx game this time with the original Star Trek theme.

The Bad: My wife actually said this was the Star Wars version then said 'whatever' when I gasped.

The Dastardly: Someone will be watching Star Wars and Star Trek marathons!


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