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Times to Remember - Dastardly Review #009

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Times to Remember has a very unique game mechanic: Time Windows! Sounds cool and was even more fun to play!

Times to Remember came out in 1992. The goal of the game is to be the first team to successfully use all of their 7 Time Windows. Each team has a big beautiful Time Wheel with dates from 1950 through 1990+ around the outside. The Time Windows are curved pieces of plastic that clip to the Time Wheel and show the years that were selected. The largest Time Window selects 7 years and the smallest is just 1 year.

The game is perfectly simple and fast to play. It is a trivia game with the answers being the year something happened. Like most trivia games there are multiple categories on each card (Headlines, Hollywood, Television, Music and This & That). The roll of a die determines the category and which clue is read from a card. Both teams play simultaneously by secretly selecting the year or range of years they want to guess and clipping a Time Window to the Time Wheel to show those year(s).

Then the teams reveal their Time Wheel and if the correct year was selected that Time Window is discarded. So it is possible that both teams, one team or no team discards a Time Window each round.

One of the keys to winning is to not play it too safe. If the team is reasonably sure of a year or tight range of dates then they need to select a smaller Time Window. Otherwise you get down to the end of the game having to guess the exact year or a 2 year window when you might not even be sure of the decade!

Although Times to Remember was designed as a tabletop game we found that it plays great in a car on road trips. Teams can just point or gesture to their teammates to indicate size of Time Window and where on the Time Wheel to place it.

Just a lot of fun. Simultaneous play is always great in group settings. Fun to compare how aggressive the teams are on each card. And hear the groans when a team was just off by one year or the laughs when they were off by decades!!

Times To Remember is out of print. For people that the 1950s-1990 aren’t ancient times this is a great game to grab from ebay or a garage sale.

Everyone would enjoy this favorite if it was refreshed with more current events and the Time Wheel shifted to add a couple more decades!

The Good: Quick play and unique mechanics provide lots of portable fun!

The Bad: The game is dated and needs a refresh.

The Dastardly: Take risks early they pay off in the end!


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