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Tiny Bubbles - Dastardly Review #006

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Tiny Bubbles

Who doesn’t like popping balloons or bubbles? When playing Tiny Bubbles you won’t like the popping...unless it happens to the other player!

Tiny Bubbles is a very fast paced Press Your Luck game with a simple theme of bubbles and things that pop those bubbles. The deck is made up of 34 bubbles and 6 pointy things. Play is quick. Our average game was less than ten minutes.

The game plays by turning over one to five cards from the draw pile. How lucky do you feel? If you stop before you turn over something that pops your bubbles you collect any face up bubbles. If the bubbles get popped they are discarded. When the deck runs out the player with the most bubbles wins.

Our 10 year old granddaughter helped review Tiny Bubbles...she plays Dominion, Flux, Werewolf, Donner Party etc. A very experienced 10 year old gamer. She LOVED Tiny Bubbles. We played with a prototype deck and she played all evening against different adults. Her quote “it is a game of luck and keeping track of how many bad cards are left in the draw deck. Can we play again?”

Tiny Bubbles is a perfect game for young children to get them interested in cards and gaming. Also it is great to take along to keep the kids entertained while traveling. The card size at 2”x2” and 40 card deck makes it super easy to bring along to keep kids busy.


Check them out!


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