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TriBond - Dastardly Review #039

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Tribond was invented by three students from Colgate University. They decided to create a game after learning that the two creators of Trivial Pursuit had also attended Colgate.

Tribond gained some initial acclaim. Tribond won the 1990 Mensa Select award but the initial marketing of Tribond was failing. All the big game companies had turned down Tribond. One of the game designers talked their manufacturer into hiring him to market Tribond. It worked...150,000 copies were sold in 1993. Over 3,000,000 copies have been sold of the original Tribond and the variations over the last 25 years.

Tribond is a flip on traditional name the word trivia games. In Tribond, the game provides 3 words and the players have to guess what they have in common. The clues come in 4 categories: Entertainment, Academics, Miscellaneous and Sports and Recreation.

The winner is the first person or team to make it around the colorful purple, green and white board.

Tribond is a great team game.

The Good: Lots of fun. Creates tons of laughs.

The Bad: None.

The Dastardly: Great for people that always have the trivia answer on the tip of their tongue since the words are provided!


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