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Trouble - Dastardly Review #022

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Trouble is another Pachesi variant. Trouble was released in 1965

The trouble with Trouble is the the gimmicky Pop-o-matic.

Even as a kid I understood it was cool but I didn’t like playing a game with it.. The Pop-o-matic is a clear half bubble of plastic over a flexible bottom with a die in the bubble. When you depress the bubble and let go then the flexible bottom pops back up and bounces the


Each player starts with four pawns in the Home area. On a roll of a six a pawn can be moved from Home onto the main track. Also on a roll of a six the player takes another turn. If a player lands on an opponent’s pawn then the opponent’s pawn is sent back to Home. Ooops...I said a ‘roll’. I should have said another ‘pop’ of the die!

The winner is the first player to get all four of his pawns from Home to the Finish.

The Good: Pachesi games are fun.

The Bad: I found the Pop-o-matic completely frustrating...much prefered Sorry!

The Dastardly: My main memory of Trouble is being completely annoyed by the commercials when I was a kid. Pop. Pop. Pop.


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