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We Didn't Playtest This at All - Dastardly Review #026

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

A game series with titles longer than the instructions of: Draw One Play One.

The We Didn’t Playtest series of games are funny and fast. Games can last from 1 to 10 minutes. The games play differently each time because the game will go through so few cards each time.

Some copies of We Didn’t Playtest This at All come with the Chaos Pack Expansion which adds a new type of card to the game and increases the variability in the game even more.

All the cards are wacky and don’t seem to fit together very well...until you start playing them. They also don’t seem fun but the cards and player actions create a lot of laughs. You never quite know that to expect from the cards: dinosaur, hot potato, group hug, points, bombs, mad tea party, dramatic conclusion, you, ninjas and the ever popular You Win card!

We Didn’t Playtest This at All is a great travel game. It is also perfect to play on game night while waiting for a straggler to show up or to finish out the night. Kids love the game.

The Good: Lots of laughs.

The Bad: Some people don’t like this game...people that are too stuck up to relax and have fun.

The Dastardly: Bombs...did we mention bombs?

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